1. KIK

- Kik is continually making headlines as one of the most dangerous apps for teens.

- Very popular with sexual predators.

- This app limits how many messages are saved within 48 hours or older, so it is hard for parents to monitor.

- This app also makes it hard to identify the sender and receiver by having no profile verification.

- From day 1 Kik has had problems with child exploitation and just made headlines again for this in April 2019.

- In addition children have been exposed to mature content, there are numerous inappropriate chat rooms, cases of predators using app to contact children and child pornography.


- This app is dangerous for teens because videos, photos and messages disappear after a set time. However many teens forget that the receiver can take a "screen shot" of their message or photo. Once they have it often they use it as leverage against them to manipulate them to get what they want and cyberbully.


- This question and answer app is being used by many teens to cyberbully. Bullying is easy considering there is no filters or moderation of content or questions being asked.

- David Cameron former Prime Minister of the UK urged parents not to let their teens use Ask.fm due to the serious problems with cyberbullying and mental health linked to this app.

- Due to the lack of privacy settings, content moderation and anonymity factor this app has been linked to teen suicides around the globe.


- This app encourages you to confess your secrets and connects users according to interests and location.

- It allows teens 15 and older to use even though it is rated 17+

- Very dangerous considering the anonymous features and location based grouping is ideal for online predators to directly message your teen.


- This app is a dating app that rates your "hotness"

- Blendr is rated for adults but shocker there is no age verification


- What makes this app dangerous for teens is that its not just a platform for phones. Teens can use WhatsApp on any web browser. So if its not on their phone then exchanges can't be checked by parents.

- Teens can also use end to end encryption on their messages so you need a code to unlock and read.


- This app allows your teen to group chat with a large number of people. Simply the larger the groups the harder it is for you to keep tabs with who your teen is in contact with.


- Chatous is very dangerous because it randomly matches users with others from around the world and you can send disappearing messages so you as a parent can not oversee anything.

- Users of this app use it to flirt with others. There have been many complaints of users pretending to be of the opposite sex and sending of crude photos and videos.

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