If your kids are using these apps (among many) you will not likely be able to check their messages/conversations.


- You can change settings on this app, but messages will still disappear after 24hrs.


- Offers end to end encryption messages that can only be viewed if you know the code or number to unlock the message.


- Provides secret and self destructing chats that will automatically delete messages from device of both participants.


- Does not delete messages right away, only once you have a few hundred do they start dropping off.

- Has public group chats that are often inappropriate and allows strangers to contact your kids.

- Has been known for problems with Internet predators and child exploitation.


- Another way for youth to hide photos, videos and chats from their parents. These apps pose as utility apps on your phone such as the calculator icon. If you try to open calculator or some other utility app and you are met with a password, it is a vault app.

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