I have been in youth ministry for 20 years now and as we take youth on outings this is a far too familiar scene. This is a prime example of tech addiction and its not ok no matter what Ellen DeGeneres says. We need to start taking this serious.

I recently attended a seminar through Columbia Bible College that stated some interesting stats

- 50% of teens state they are addicted to screen time.

Obviously that number is exceptionally low because one of the most common traits of an addict is denial.

- 1/3 of all parents argue DAILY about screen time use.

- 57% more teens are sleep deprived than in 1991

- In only 3 years (2012-2015) teens failing to even get 7hrs of sleep increased 22%

As Ron Friesen stated, "teens seek attention, affirmation and affection through performance, popularity, perfection and the status of "likes".

Every time a youth receives "likes", praise, attention, affirmation and affection online

it releases Dopamine in the brain and studies are proving that in many youth it is creating an addicts brain.

- How is screen time affecting our brains?

Fact 1. Many have developed an addicts brain

Fact 2. Many have shown an increase in loneliness and jealousy

Fact 3. Many have shown an increase in suicidal thoughts

Fact 4. Many have shown to have memory problems

-We need to limit screen time

-Expect push back (like any addict)

-Break the lie that social media and "likes" define you

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