91% of teens with cell phones ACTIVELY text.

48% of teens have received sexually suggestive messages via text, instant message or email.

Knowing so much communication is done via text and that the youth would like to hide many of those messages, it is good to know some of the more concerning emoji's and text acronyms used to try to keep parents clueless.

KPC-Keeping Parents Clueless

KYS-Kill Yourself

KMS-Kill Myself

IWSN-I Want Sex Now

IPN-I'm Posting Naked

GNOC-Get Naked On Cam

CU46-See You For Sex


9-Parent Watching

POS-Parent Over Shoulder

PIR-Parents In Room

MOS-Mom Over Shoulder

PAW-Parents Are Watching

PAL-Parents Are Listening

LMIRL-Lets Meet In Real Life

TDTM-Talk Dirty To Me

99-Parents Are Gone

S2R-Send To Receive Pictures


Eggplant or Banana-Male Genitalia

Peach or Doughnut-Female Genitalia

Nut & Bolt-Intercourse

Camera-Request Pic

Water Drops-Orgasim/Sex

Tongue or Zodiac Sign-Oral Sex

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