What's hiding in the Vault App?

- Vault apps are often used to hide sexting conversations, photos and videos from other people especially parents.

- They are hard to spot because they are disguised as a utility app such as a calculator or travel app

- There are many vault apps that teens can choose from but I will just focus on "Best Secret Folder" today as it is popular with teens

- If you try to open this app or any other app and you are met with a password screen you have discovered a vault app (make sure you check all apps as they are disguised well)

- The "Best Secret Folder" is password and alarm protected so if you the parent tries to open the app it will notify your child that someone is trying to open it, it will keep a record of failed login attempts and take a pic of you as an intruder.

- Here are several descriptions of the app found in Play Store for Apple and Android:

*Extremely Hard to Notice Your Best Secret Folder Icon On Your iPhone/iPad

*Phone Security - Activate the alarm and catch nosey friends and family red handed!

*Intruder stopper shows fake videos when activated

*Set Dummy Screen for unwanted people access

- Normally when you open this Vault App it looks like a bank Vault but your child can add a cover that looks like an empty folder if someone launches it.

- Your child can also turn on the option to shut the app down when the phone is face down so they can exit in an instant

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